In our everchanging environment where important issues, such as sustainability, ecology and citizen accountability, are constantly discussed, the yachting world could not possibly stay away from the discussion.

During the 2022 Superyacht Design Festival, panel discussions and round tables where focused on these issues while simultaneously giving us a snack bite of what we should expect to change in the future. So here are the top trends for 2022, 2023 and beyond

Fossil-free sustainable fuel is on the table alongside with electric and hydrogen-based solutions. Solar panels and wind turbines are great additions to power up boats without using fossil fuels.

Circular approach in design. By renovating pre-owned boats regarding design, navigation, safety and entertainment our sector offers its own solution to the worlds waste issues.

New technologies: The role of A.I. and the incorporation of a variety of experiential elements such as sound, touch, sense of balance will change the design process and create a more immersive yachting experience

Remote exploration: The travelers are changing, and their needs should be met. Therefore, we will be seeing more luxurious designs with recreational space and gadgets Increase in safety devices through technology. Immediate access to secure communications, evolve safety switches that stop the engine if someone falls overboard with the help of A.I, instant distress chats and many more safety gadgets, will pop up as technology involves.

Navigation Systems: Co-pilot navigation systems will be the new thing. Avoid collisions, navigate restricted waters and send your location to the coast guard if you need assistanc

Customization & Personalization: It began as a hype amongst Millennials and it is holding strong and will keep on growing. Calm rooms, tailor made experiences and designs. Charter itinerary can be tailored to include everything a customer wishes, offering unforgettable memories of pampering and luxury

The rise in tourism and escapism, is bringing a variety of changes in the yachting industry and as trends emerge, they also evolve. Staying on top of environmental, technological and experiential trends has always been a part of our vision and philosophy

This is a time of exponential change, and we tend to ride the wave of change as we sail into the future.